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Three Dimensional Garage Side Beam Wave Plate Cold Bending Machine Will Go Out Of The Country!
Apr 20, 2018

The side beam and wave plate cold bending machine made by Weifang oten Cold Bending Machinery Co., Ltd. have been widely used in many large stereoscopic garage manufacturers in China. The equipment technology is advanced, the design is scientific and reasonable, the production efficiency is high, the traditional punching in the flow turning process has been changed, and the enterprises have greatly reduced the enterprises. At present, more than 90 garage manufacturing enterprises or matching processing enterprises have chosen the edge beam and wave plate cold bending molding machine made by opt cold bending, which has promoted their competitiveness. At the same time, the equipment of our company is constantly updating and upgrading, and the degree of automation is becoming higher and higher so as to provide greater use for customers. It is convenient.

Recently, a company in India visited our company. The two sides made detailed communication on the technical details of the equipment function parameters. The negotiation process was very smooth and the equipment of our company was in the field. The customers were very interested in the equipment of our company. The project is now in the further negotiation, and I believe that the project is going to be in the near future. Our equipment will also bloom in India.