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Stretch Bending Machines for Forming Auto Carriage Board
Jul 21, 2018

Stretch Bending Machines for Forming Auto Carriage Board Basic Info

  • Type: Auto Sections Roll Forming

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Certification: CCC, ISO9001, CE

  • Customized: Customized

  • Condition: New

  • Specification: CE, ISO9001: 200

  • HS Code: 8455221000

  • Forging Forming Method: Free Forging

  • Feature: Automation

  • Warranty: 12 Months

  • Advantage: Easy to Maintenance

  • Steel Forming: Cold Rolled

  • Transport Package: Complete Shipping Package

  • Origin: Shandong Jinan

Stretch Bending Machines for Forming Auto Carriage Board Product Description

The production line:

The autocar production line includes decoiler, uncoiler car, leveler, rotary holding frame, feeding guide, main roll forming machine, flying cutter, automatic stacker and PLC control system.

Whole line the working speed is much high, and the puter form is bright and pretty, automatic level is much high and the operation is very convenient.

Deatiled information for forming line (reference version):
?  MATERIAL:    
(1) Coil Width: free data (according to future profile requirements)
(2) Suitable Coil Thickness: 1.0~3.0mm 
(3) Suitable Raw Materials: cold rolled steel/hot rolled steel
(4) Raw material kind: S350, S550, DP780, DP980, DP1180
(5) suitable steel coil inner diameter: ¢508mm 
(6) suitable steel coil outer diameter: ≤¢1800mm
(7) Suitable steel coil max weight: 5 Tons
(8) Roll forming line power source: 380V/50HZ/3 Phase
(9) Roll forming line speed: ≤5m/min
Decoiler→leveler→coil head/end part cutter and welder device→servo feeder→multi-station punch system→main roll former→straightener→flying shear→final products rack
?  Stretch Bending Machines for Forming Auto Carriage Board MACHINE COMPONENTS:

No.Component nameDescription Quantity Note 
1Single head hydraulic decoilerShare with all profiles1 setIt includes assist arm
2Leveler 1 set 
3Coil head/end part cutter and welder1set 
4Servo feeder1 set 
5Multi-station puncher systemC profile: 
working station 1#--R8.5×50
Z profile:
working station 1#--¢17
working station 2#--¢13
working station 7#--tip part cut
working station 8#-- tip part cut
1 setPunch system total has 8 working stations, similar like sent video show
6Main roll former2 sets "fast change cassette", in order to satisfy 2 profile forming requirements1 setOne set cassette is only used to produce 1 profile 
7Flying shearCut final profile according with required length data1 setContinuous working model
8Hydraulic system 2 sets 
9Pneumatic system 1 set 
10Electrical control system 1 set 
11Safety protection system 1 set 

(1)   Single head hydraulic decoiler (5 tons):
Automatic model; motor power drives decoiler shafts to opens steel coil, and hydraulic power expands steel coil inner surface, the expanding structure is "wedge type". in order to make steel coil to be fixed well on decoiler shaft. Decoiler also includes an assist arm and pneumatic power brake device. The assistant arm is used to support the decoiler shaft on working condition, it protect the decoiler shaft loading actions.
The decoiler is single heads model, max loading capacity: 5000kg
Suitable steel coil inner-diameter: ¢508mm, max outer diameter: ¢1200mm
This decoiler also includes a press arm device, when steel coil head or end part out of decoiler shaft, the press arm will push down and make steel coil head or end part to be out of decoiler shaft smoothly. 
Decoiler also matches with decoiler car, when the steel coil needs to be load decoiler shaft, coil car will load coil at the first, and then sends coil under decoiler shaft, finally the coil car lifts up and make decoiler shaft load steel coil well.
Max load capacity of coil car: 5 tons
Decoiler drive motor power: about 5.5Kw
Coil car drive motor power: about 1.1Kw

(2)   Leveler machine:
Leveler machine is used to level the raw material steel sheet, and make steel oil to be flat and satisfy main roll former requirements. When steel coil gat into leveler, raw material support table will move out and protect roller will push down, and then the steel coil head can get into the first leveler roller station smoothly. 
Leveler machine includes power pinch roller and leveler roller, pinch roller can be adjusted on vertical direction, and it is convenient to adjust leveler roller space and incidence.
Leveler is 7 rollers model, the adjustment model is lead screw style, and one set guider device is installed at the leveler entrance.
Main data of leveler:
Suitable coil width: max 800mm
Suitable coil thickness: 1.0~3.0mm
Max working speed: 10m/min
Leveler roller material: GCr15 (heat treatment, HRC56~60)
Motor power: about 11Kw
The leveler machine satisfies 1300Mpa raw material yield strength!!
(3)   Coil head/end part cutter and welder:
When steel coil head or end part get into this device, in order to make steel coil head/end part to be flat, cutter will cut the head and end part, and then welder will make old coil end and new coil head to be connected together. 
The welder is automatic weld model, welder style is TIG. 
Max weld width: 800mm
Weld thickness range: 1.0~3.0mm

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