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Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Roll Forming Machine
Sep 26, 2018

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Roll Forming Machine Basic Info

Model NO.: EN-160SP

The Rolling Workpiece Straightness Error: 1-1.5 mm /1500 mm

The Rolling Workpiece Angle Error: ≤±1.5/1000mm

Transport Package: Export Packing

Solar Panel Bracket Roll Forming Machine Specification: EN-160SP

Origin: China

HS Code: 84552210

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Roll Forming Machine Product Description

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Roll Forming Machine

I: Product technical parameters and requirements

Feeding material width range:40-200mm
Rolling steel strip thickness:2-2.5mm
Rolling steel strip material:Q235 cold steel strip
Working speed:10m/min
The shortest rolling workpiece length:2000mm
The rolling workpiece straightness error:1-1.5 mm /1500 mm
The rolling workpiece angle error:≤±1.5/1000mm
The rolling workpiece fixed length error:10m±1.5mm

II: The working process of solar photovoltaic stand making machine
5T Uncoiler- Leveling - Servo feeding - Hydraulic punching hole- Rolling forming - Forming - Hydraulic cutting system - product output.

The technical specification of main components
5T Uncoiler

  1. Material inside diameter: φ508mm

  2. Material inside diameter harmomegathus range: ф480-520 mm

  3. Material max outer diameter: φ1000mm

  4. Solar Panel Bracket Roll Forming Machine Loading weight: ≤5T

  5. Expansion way: 5T hydraulic automatic type

Leveling machine

  1. Work roller number: 9 rollers leveling machine

  2. Structure features: The rigidity and surface roughness of mechanical properties is greatly increased after quenched and tempered, chrome plated treatment. It is consist of pinch roller and leveling roller. The pinch roller can be adjusted separately. The leveling roller adopts integral structure, it has set two adjustment points in two heads, and it can form a certain angle to improve the quality of leveling. The feeding part of leveling machine has a pair of guide roller and two pairs of vertical roller, the vertical roller in oriented can move.

Forming machine technical specification

  1. Solar Panel Bracket Roll Forming Machine Motor power: 22KW

  2. Forming process number: 20

  3. Product speed: 10m/min

  4. Mould material: Mostly is GCR15, a part of CR12MoV

  5. The main shaft diameter: ¢80mm

Hydraulic cutting system

  1. The cutting length can be set automatically by plc controller. It use downtime tracking cutting process. It has high efficiency, safe and reliable.

  2. Electric control technology

  3. Electrical control system: 12 inch touch screen; PUC/Siemens; Inverter; low-voltage electrical appliances; Schneider.

  4. The whole machine line adopts plc control, LCD touch screen and man-machine interface. (The dynamic robot simulation the monitored). It realizes the person and the plc interaction. Operator by setting the program to run automatically (programmable control) to monitor and control process. It realize operator to control the machine line and modify control parameters. And can real-time monitor the operation state, running parameters and fault indicator. The digital setting for length parts, and the stamping length can be adjusted. It can real-time monitor the operation state and fault indicator.

  5. There are two kinds of operation mode: manual and automatic. It has a function of manual and automatic switching. In manual state, it can perform a single operation and convenient to maintenance; In automatic state, it can run the full production. The whole line has a abrupt stop button, easy to deal with emergency accidents and ensure the safety of the operation personnel and machine.

  6. The machine is equipped with manual operation panel and convenient operation workers.

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