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New Type Of Utility Model: Cold Bending Forming Equipment
Apr 20, 2018

The utility model cold forming equipment manufacturers - Weifang aoteng Cold Bending Machinery Co. ltd.. Since 1998, the company has been engaged in R & D and manufacturing of cold roll forming equipment. In 2003, the company officially opened the business. At present, the company has 8 senior engineers, 10 professional engineers, and a strong technical team through continuous R & D and innovation. At present, it has solved the difficult problem of high cost of profile processing for many industries. Cold bending equipment is just a general term, in detail the metal sheet cold bending molding equipment, the main function is to pass the metal sheet through different roll dies, continuous rolling pressure change into different sections, involving a number of industries. Compared with the traditional bending process, the production efficiency is improved and labor cost is saved.

As the technology continues to innovate, in order to improve customers' use of feelings, and to better meet customer requirements, cold bending equipment has gradually joined other configurations, for example, the realization of online punching and welding functions. Through the realization of these functions, customers need not reflow the cold formed profiles into the welding process or piercing process. The CNC punching mechanism developed by our company not only realizes the punching function, but also a mechanism can carry out the holes of different specifications in 7, and the Y axis of the X axis is operated by a set of CAD flexible control system.