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Laying Hens Trough Cold Equipment Etc
Apr 20, 2018

In recent years, the automation of livestock breeding industry in China is becoming more and more high, and the demand for trough profiles and column profiles has been increased. Because of the domestic trough, the use of the column profile is relatively large, the competition in the processing industry is also fierce, the advantage of the price is affected by the advantage of the competition. The appearance of the cold bending forming equipment of the trough has caused the high concern of the market. The use of the trough cold bending molding equipment not only saves the labor cost, but also greatly improves the speed of production. The competitiveness of equipment manufacturers has been enhanced.

At the same time, as a part of the animal husbandry equipment company, for a long time a large amount of material purchase is not more than a cold bending equipment made by the Weifang Oren Cold Bending Machinery Co., Ltd. the cold bending equipment made by the professional engineer team of the organization of the professional engineers can meet the punching, cutting angle, logo, expansion, molding and cutting at the same time. Interruption and other functions.

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