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How Can The Enterprises Of Cold Box Production Equipment Of Distribution Boxes Fail To Understand The Distribution Boxes?
Apr 20, 2018

With the reliable quality and excellent quality, the cold bending forming equipment of the distribution box cabinet made by Weifang Austrian Cold Bending Machinery Co., Ltd. has gradually gained recognition by more and more customers, the flourishing development of the electrical industry and the increase of various production costs, making the more and more enterprises consider the new production process, the distribution of distribution in our company The box equipment can achieve online punching, cold bending, and automatic bending of the frame. The intermediate process needs no manual participation, automatic high-speed production, and has such equipment, and has created many advantages for the company. At present, more and more customers have been consulted. We will hold the constant quality for more customers. Work hard for good equipment.

Primary distribution box

It refers to the general distribution box. It is generally located in the distribution room. The first class cabinet adopts down and down line, front door, main mother line with copper row, good contact and inner belt metering system. It is safe and beautiful, and the roof of rain proof box is suitable for field work.

Two level distribution box

It is the distribution of electrical boxes, also known as sub boxes, generally responsible for a power supply area. The two class box is designed with inner and outer doors. The surface is sprayed. It is safe and beautiful. The rain proof box top is suitable for field work.

Three level distribution box

It is the switch box, which can only be responsible for one device. The so-called "one machine, one gate, one box and one leak" is for switch boxes. (field operation column)