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Common Problems And Treatment Measures In Cold Forming Process Of Stainless Steel
Apr 20, 2018

(1) because of the defects of dirty, scratching, pits, pitting, or heavy skin on the surface of the blank, these defects are amplified with the processing deformation of the blank, which directly lead to the corrosion of the products, the scratch of the mould, the partial cracking of the product and so on, which greatly reduce the rate of finished products. Therefore, before forming, the surface condition of the billet should be carefully checked to ensure that it is clean and clean, without surface defects, and then processed.

(2) due to the fouling of molding mould and working platform, the metal debris adhered to the surface has not been removed in time, which causes the surface dirt, corrosion and surface pits and scratches on the surface of the workpiece. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to repair moulds regularly to ensure that their work surfaces are clean and smooth, while maintaining the cleanliness of processing equipment and workshops.