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Wide application prospect of mechanical and electrical aseismic support cold bending equipment
Apr 20, 2018

In accordance with the People's Republic of China construction law and the People's Republic of China earthquake prevention and disaster reduction law, the mechanical and electrical seismic support molding equipment is based on the market demand. The construction water supply and drainage, fire, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, thermal, electric power, and electricity are implemented in accordance with the "building law" and "the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction law". Communication and other mechanical and electrical engineering facilities can reduce the earthquake damage, reduce and prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters as well as reduce the casualties and property loss when the seismic fortification intensity in the local area is encountered.

The construction of electromechanical anti-seismic system consists of riser tube bundle, steel beam and purlin clamp, annular pipe hanger, shockproof bracing system, shockproof steel hanger and support and so on.

In China, building and its subsidiary structure have no delay in earthquake resistance and earthquake resistance. It is necessary to improve the understanding of building mechanical and electrical seismic design, which plays an important role in earthquake disaster reduction of buildings.

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