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The principle of photovoltaic power generation
Apr 20, 2018

The basic principle of photovoltaic power generation is "photovoltaic effect". When the photon is irradiated to the metal, its energy can be absorbed by a certain electron in the metal. The energy of the electron is large enough to overcome the work of the gravitational force inside the metal and escape out of the metal surface and become a photoelectron.

In the daytime, the high-energy vcz crystal power board and the sun light mutual inductance docking and all weather 24 hours receive wind power generation complementary, through the full automatic receiving conversion cabinet receive, directly meet all electrical appliances demand. And passed the national information industry chemical physical power product quality supervision and inspection center testing qualified.

Light causes the potential difference between different parts of an uneven semiconductor or semiconductor bonded to metal. First, the process of converting photon (light wave) into electron and light energy into electric energy is followed by the formation of voltage process. With a voltage, it is like building a dam. If the two are connected, a current loop will be formed.