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Side beam equipment for three-dimensional garage
Apr 20, 2018

The side beam and the wave plate are the most important part of the new stereoscopic garage. The main function is to form a chassis with 16 blocks (17 pieces of) wave plates through the bolts, and the 2 side beams are reassembled on both sides, thus forming our common parking space. At present, the number of private cars is increasing. Parking is not easy. Nowadays, the public is more concerned about the problem. It is difficult to get a good car in the country with more than 3 cities. With the rise and rapid development of the stereoscopic garage industry, hospitals, bustling urban areas and major stores have gradually realized the significance of the three-dimensional parking garage. The three-dimensional garage is also increasing with the number of private cars. This makes the demand of the side beam and wave plate increase, the traditional bending machine production and manufacturing edge Liang Hebo The wave plate is time-consuming and costly, and the cost is very high. The three-dimensional garage side beam and wave board equipment developed by Weifang oten Cold Bending Machinery Co., Ltd. should be born. The automatic control program is adopted, the operation is simple, the speed is fast, the artificial cost is reduced a few times, and the market recognition, the outlook 2017, the stereoscopic garage industry form are obtained. A great good, we Weifang Oteng Cold Bending Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to play the heat, draw new ideas, better for the three-dimensional garage enterprises to provide performance more three-dimensional garage side beam equipment and three-dimensional garage wave plate equipment!