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Industrialization and market development
Apr 20, 2018

In 2015, the state issued a continuous policy on parking problem, giving the maximum limit to the financing, planning, construction, management and management from the national level. The core of the policy is to give full play to the role of the market in the allocation of resources and promote the industrialization of parking. The State Development and Reform Commission's "guidance on strengthening the construction of urban parking facilities" emphasizes the intensive use of land and encourages the construction of three-dimensional parking facilities. This is not only a full affirmation of the form of mechanical stereoscopic parking, but also a reform idea for the use of land jolly. In the long run, it is The basic principles should be followed regardless of the stock and the incremental land use. In this guidance, it is also proposed that the parking industry should be included in the list of high-end equipment manufacturing, preferential policy and independent equipment brand, independent innovation in domestic parking equipment manufacturing, and encourage industry alliance. We will carry out technological research and development, and gradually upgrade the level of localization of core equipment ", which will provide policy support for the innovation and development of domestic mechanical parking equipment manufacturers.