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How to open the way of marketing
Apr 20, 2018

In recent years, the development of e-commerce in the field of industrial products is also very fast. In spite of the marketing mode with the mass consumer goods,

There are many different methods and channels, but in the face of the advent of the era of network economy, more and more industrial enterprises have begun to try to use a variety of methods to reduce costs and stimulate sales.

E-commerce platforms suitable for industrial enterprises include Alibaba, Huicong and win win networks. A good trading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (BQS) has been provided by the Alibaba's good faith communication, Huicong network, and the win-win network, which broadens the marketing path of the enterprise.

Alibaba and Huicong net, as comprehensive websites, have good brand awareness, but for industrial products, they may not be able to be precise and ambitious. In contrast, since the start of the win win network, we have striving to build a leading platform for the industrial product industry with the resources of professional and abundant industrial buyers. The "BQS" service, which is launched under the flag, enables the enterprise to enjoy the resources of the industry related people, such as the purchasing managers, and can also make a zero distance through the German Federal Logistics Purchasing Association (BME) global quality supplier database and the EU 7000 Procurement Conference, the fair and other forms. Get out of communication and win the opportunity to export the EU. It not only reduces production costs, but also broadens sales channels.