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How industrial products open the way of marketing
Apr 20, 2018

As far as the traditional industrial product procurement process is concerned, the industrial products purchased by enterprises mostly belong to large goods. They can only be coordinated by the buyers and sellers, plus the popular trend of "rebate" and "oil and water", which makes the efficiency of the purchase in the field greatly discounted and ultimately affects the marketing road of the enterprise. Only by optimizing the procurement process, reducing the intermediate links and avoiding the occurrence of "rebate" and "oil and water" events can we reduce the cost of enterprises and improve the marketing efficiency of enterprises.

Enterprises can purchase services through third party agents, looking for procurement opportunities and reducing the cost of enterprises. At present, there are many procurement services companies can provide agency procurement services, such as the more well-known win-win network in the industry, the universal car network, will regularly hold offline purchasing pairs, as well as other agency procurement services, arrange buyers and suppliers on the site to negotiate, procurement process transparency. It not only prevented the occurrence of "rebate" and "oil and water" events, but also reduced production costs and opened up marketing channels for enterprises.