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Current situation and trend of photovoltaic power generation
Apr 20, 2018

According to the survey data of the 2013-2017 year PV industry market prospect and investment strategic planning analysis report, the global PV installed capacity is about 27.5GW in 2011, up to 52% compared with the previous year's 18.1GW, and the total installation in the world is more than 67GW. Nearly 28GW of the world's total installed capacity, nearly 20GW of the system installed in Europe, but the growth rate is relatively slow, in which Italy and Germany account for 55% of the global installed growth, respectively 7.6GW and 7.5GW. The PV industry market demand in Asia Pacific region represented by China, Japan and India in 2011 increased by 129% compared to the same period last year. Its installed capacity was 2.2GW, 1.1GW and 350MW respectively.

China is the country with the fastest growth in the global PV installation. The installation of photovoltaic power in 2011 was about 5 times higher than that in 2010, and the output of battery in 2011 reached 20GW, accounting for about 65% of the world. By the end of 2011, there were about 115 battery enterprises in China, with a total capacity of about 36.5GW. There are 14 enterprises with a total capacity of more than 1GW, accounting for 53% of the total capacity; there are 63 enterprises between 100MW and 1GW, accounting for 43% of the total capacity; the remaining 38 capacity is within 100MW, accounting for only 4% of the total capacity of the country.